Our approach

Durrell Conservation Academy

"Thus the Trust would become a form of university ...where people can get the correct training...and then take their talents back to form conservation units throughout the world"

Gerald Durrell, 1976, The Stationary Ark

Successful conservation action involves a wide variety of biological skills and a suite of cross-disciplinary skills. With Durrell’s proven track record or saving species from extinction alongside our 25 years experience of conservation training Durrell Conservation Academy has developed skills and partnerships to create a diverse range of conservation training courses for all conservation practitioners and enthusiasts.

Our founder, Gerald Durrell believed that saving species from extinction was as much art as science. One of his greatest ambitions was to establish a training programme which would unite these two disciplines and provide conservationists worldwide with the skills they need to prevent further loss of life on earth. It was a dream come true when, one summer’s evening in the early 1980s, he played croquet on the lawn with ten students from ten different countries at our Durrell headquarters in Jersey.

Through Durrell Conservation Academy we’re able to put you in direct contact with the world’s leading experts in species conservation, many of which are managing our own recovery programmes, both overseas and on-site at Jersey Zoo. From facilitation, conflict resolution and community-based conservation techniques through to project management and leadership.

By attending a training course at Durrell you will start a relationship that will stay with you throughout your personal and professional life. Many Durrell alumni return for further training or work with us to take training courses to their part of the world. For some we are able to offer internships within Jersey Zoo or with our overseas conservation programmes. For all we provide support through the Durrell Conservation Learning Network encouraging the exchange of ideas, issues and solutions; providing access to the latest information; and making seed grants available to help kick-start conservation projects.

We welcome you to Durrell Conservation Academy and hope that you too become infused with the belief that we can together save more species from extinction.