Saint Lucia Racer

You can save the rarest snake in the World.With as few as 18 of its kind remaining on Earth, it is one of the planet's rarest animals.

Saint Lucia Racer Snake

With as few as 18 of its kind remaining on earth, it is one of the planet's rarest animals.

The Saint Lucia racer is a small, harmless snake with a gentle nature. Invasive species, introduced to Saint Lucia by humans, decimated the population. It survives stranded and in desperate need of protection.

There is a huge risk that the Saint Lucia racer could be lost forever. It continues to be vulnerable to predators, disease and storms that hit the Caribbean coast. Development also threatens the Maria Island Nature Reserve; the only place free from invasive predators where they continue to survive.

Never has a snake so rare been bred in captivity but if we do nothing this species will be lost forever.

We need you to help us pioneer a captive breeding and release programme on mainland Saint Lucia.

There is hope

With your support we will build a new facility replicating the Saint Lucia racer’s natural environment. This will ensure safety of the population, support training and education opportunities and grow the population through a breeding programme.

To achieve this, we are dedicated to working with our conservation partners Fauna & Flora International, St Lucia Forestry Department and Saint Lucia National Trust.

Durrell’s experienced conservationists at Jersey Zoo have successfully studied and bred racer snakes from other Caribbean Islands. Discovering the racer snake’s diet, breeding cycles and biology will provide the best foundations for success, but there are no guarantees.

Our long term vison is to establish a ‘mainland island’ conservation area where native wildlife and ecological processes can be restored and the public can experience a truly rich Caribbean dry forest.

Your support is vital to give this snake a chance to thrive again.

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