Click to read: Lemur mum makes conservation history

Lemur mum makes conservation history

A captive bred black and white ruffed lemur who was released into the forests of Madagascar has recently made conservation history by giving birth to twins fathered by a wild male.

This exciting development is the result of more than ten years of intensive research, study and planning by the Madagascar Fauna Group (MFG), of which Durrell Wildlife is a founder member.  

Throughout the history of the project (MFG’s most significant to date), Durrell Wildlife has played a key role, contributing major funding as well as knowledge, experience and expertise gained through our work with the black and white ruffed lemurs at Jersey Zoo.  

The proceeds from the premieres of the film Fierce Creatures, partly filmed at Jersey Zoo and starring John Cleese and Jamie Lee Curtis, were also donated to the project.   Lemur lover Cleese later made the trip out into the depths of the Malagasy jungle to film a television special, documenting the progress of the project.

Full details of this incredibly significant ‘happy event’ are contained in the following Press Release.  Please click on the PDF icon to access it.

Posted 18 December 2002

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