Click to read: Durrell launches eBay auction to name newly born ring-tailed lemur twins

Durrell launches eBay auction to name newly born ring-tailed lemur twins

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Following the recent surprise birth of two healthy ring-tailed lemurs at Durrell wildlife park, an eBay auction has today been launched to bid for the right to name the twins. The auction will last for one week until 27th July and all funds generated will help to fund our important conservation work.

The twins’ birth followed the earlier arrival in April of the first ring-tailed lemur baby born at Durrell in 17 years. Morticia, the twins Mum, didn't even appear pregnant to the keepers, which caused the arrival to be a real surprise!! Because this was an unexpected birth, our keepers didn't have a name in mind hence the adoption of this ebay auction.

The winning bidder will not only have the privilege to name the newly born ring-tailed lemur twins, but also has the possibility to meet the babies and their lemur keepers.

Senior keeper Tim Wright commented “We are delighted with the additional birth of these infants, and mum is doing a great job of looking after them.”

The twins already feel at home in their new Madagascan exhibit, Kirindy forest, where they share with their fellow lemur species; the red fronted brown lemurs.

The very distinctive ring-tailed lemur, with its striking banded tail, is probably the best known species of Madagascan primates because it has been studied for many years. Despite being widely seen in captivity, the ring-tailed lemur is threatened with extinction in Madagascar due to the rapid loss of its habitat.

Ring-tailed lemurs were the first lemurs to be kept at Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust arriving way back in 1964.

Since then a great deal of expertise has been gained with this species and various others, and we continue to make an extremely valuable contribution to lemur knowledge and captive management. 

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Posted 24 July 2010

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