Click to read: Brand new name for Durrell’s exceptional conservation training centre

Brand new name for Durrell’s exceptional conservation training centre

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Durrell’s International Training Centre (ITC) has changed its name to “Durrell Conservation Academy” to better reflect its unique and well-respected position within the world of conservation training.

The rebrand comes into effect this month and is the culmination of a year of research, focus groups and internal discussions to determine how best to define Durrell’s training programme within an increasingly busy market and in order to ensure that it continues to stand out from the crowd.

Jamie Copsey, Durrell’s Head of International Training and Education, said: “Durrell Conservation Academy is the place you turn to if you want to be the best in the profession of conservation, in the same way the Academy of Art and that of Sciences attracts budding professionals wanting to perfect their skills in their respective fields. We wanted our name to reflect that.”

The ITC in Jersey was officially opened by HRH the Princess Royal in 1984 and for a long time was one of the few institutions providing conservation training. It has trained more than 3,300 conservationists from more than 135 countries in the principles and practice of endangered species recovery.

Today, universities and other training providers worldwide offer training in this field but Jamie said that none of them compared to the courses on offer at Durrell. He explained: “Durrell’s training remains unique. Our programmes bring together some of the best conservation experts in the world and provides students with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn direct from those working to save species from extinction. The training courses help redirect career paths for conservation professionals and amateur naturalists alike, providing inspiration for new conservation projects and organisations to be formed.

“We feel that the new name of “Durrell Conservation Academy” encapsulates exactly what we can offer students; a link to the special organisation that is Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust and one which is at the forefront of conservation, proving to the world that we can save even the most critically endangered species from extinction. It is worth noting that Durrell has worked with more than 11% of the endangered species recognised globally to have been moved away from the brink of extinction within the last few decades. The word “academy” reflects the quality of our training and the fact that to achieve success, Durrell weaves together the science and the art of species conservation, basing imaginative answers on sound scientific evidence.”

In addition to the rebrand, there is more development ahead for the conservation academy, which next year will launch its first satellite training programme in Mauritius. Looking into the future it is planned to become the Indian Ocean Campus for Durrell Conservation Academy. The new location will enable the conservation academy to reach out to the East and build capacity for conservation work there, as well as providing learning opportunities for students participating in courses in which they can be embedded within Durrell’s field teams and learn “on the job”.

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Posted 23 October 2012

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