Click to read: Be the first to adopt Lola Durrell's Red River Hog

Be the first to adopt Lola Durrell's Red River Hog

Lola is one of 2 Red river hogs who arrived at the Trinity Wildlife park last year. Durrell are hoping that supporters will be bowled over by Lola’s striking appearance and playful personality as she forms the key component in a new drive to increase the amount of people following Durrell on social networking sites Twitter and Facebook.

To be in with a chance of winning the honour of being the first to adopt Lola individuals or organisations must either be a follower on Twitter or ‘like’ Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust on Facebook. They will then need to tweet ‘I want to adopt Lola @durrellwildlife’ or paste the statement on the Durrell Facebook wall.

All those meeting this criteria will then be entered into a prize draw with one lucky winner selected at random by Honorary Director Lee Durrell on Tuesday 14th September.

Whilst the Red river hog is not currently classified as endangered they are hunted for bush meat and are often viewed as pests by farmers in their natural habitat in Western and Central Africa. With their fabulous rust coloured coats, highlighted with a white stripe down the spine, white and black face markings and tasselled ear tips, these animals have been described as the fashion statements of the pig world.

Terms and conditions

  • Individuals or organisations must be a follower of Durrell on Twitter or a ‘like’ of Durrell on Facebook.
  • Individuals or organisations must post the phrase ‘I want to adopt Lola @durrellwildlife’ on either twitter or Durrell’s Facebook page
  • Entries must be posted by end of day 13th September
  • The chosen individual or organisation will receive a bronze adoption package and 2 complimentary tickets to visit Durrell wildlife park
  • The bronze adoption package lasts for 1 calendar year, with the option of renewing at the end of the 1 year.
  • The 2 complimentary tickets will be valid for 1 year, until 14th September 2011.

Posted 1 September 2010

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