Darwin's Finch Mitigation Volunteer

Department: Field Programmes

Reports to: Floreana Mitigation Officer

Contract: Temporary (up to 3 months)

Location: Floreana, Galápagos Islands

The Role

Key responsibilities:

• Assisting mist netting wild Darwin’s finches using a mixture of pre- baiting and call back, taking and recording biometrics, safe and secure transport from the collection site to the aviary complex (May – September 2023).

• Assisting daily avicultural work including cleaning and disinfecting the aviaries, preparing feeds, recording data, behavioural observations, light maintenance, vegetation management and checking and setting live traps around the perimeter of the aviary.

• Assisting health management of the birds including collection and analysis of faecal and blood samples, diagnosis, and treatment of sick or injured birds and performing necropsies when necessary.

• Assist with record keeping and general upkeep of the aviaries, laboratory and equipment.

• Work with and liaise with the aviary managers and lead vet.




How to apply

Please fill in the application form and send your CV and cover letter to Recruitment@durrell.org clearly stating the job you wish to apply for.