The truth about... otters

Otters are found all over the world, in every continent except Antarctica. The otters at Durrell are Asian small-clawed otters who live in lakes, rivers, rice fields and canals in SE Asia.

otter fun animal factsheet imageDid you know…
Otters are carnivores?

In the wild, these otters eat crabs, shellfish and small fish like gouramis or catfish.

An otter family will defend a territory and use scent to mark the territory boundaries. They are also very vocal and communicate use a variety of calls. In the wild the otters are under threat from habitat destruction and pollution may be affecting food availability.

Otters live in family groups and the parents have a strong pair bond. The female is always the dominant partner.

Did you know…
the otters have very sensitive paws to help them find shellfish in the mud at the bottom of rivers?

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