Madagascar & Comoros

One of nature’s crown jewels

Madagascar is the oldest island on the planet. All this time in isolation allowed strange and fascinating plants and animals to evolve here that are found nowhere else on earth. Madagascar and the younger volcanic islands of the Comoros form part of one of the five most important areas in the world for biodiversity. But this richness is under threat, with consequences for both wildlife and people.

Conservation for people and wildlife in Madagascar & Comoros

Durrell focuses on the most threatened species and the most threatened habitats of Madagascar and the Comoros. Rural communities depend on the same ecosystems for their livelihoods, so our approach is based on empowering these communities to lead in the protection of their local environments. Over 25 years in Madagascar we have developed a unique approach to community engagement which involves working with traditional leaders and associations, and reinforcing traditional culture, rules and customs. Read more


Featured species

Our conservation projects are based in 8 permanent field sites


A team of 45 dedicated conservationists working to save species​


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